Senator Rónán Mullen

Some considerations on the proposed SPHE curriculum reform.

Contents Schools need to be safe spaces for all children. 1 We don’t embed communism in the Economics syllabus so why put ‘Queer Theory’ into Senior Cycle SPHE?. 3 Proposed Senior Cycle SPHE: Some curricula are not worth the time. 4 The NCCA’s strange doffing of the cap to ‘Critical Theory’ 6 How the pretence […]

Some considerations on the Gender Referendum.

‘Gender’ referendums – will the Government bow to its destructive ideological wing? It’s being reported that the Government is getting nervous about its proposal to change the ‘woman in the home’ clause, introduce ‘gender equality’ language, and dilute the family-based-on-marriage clause, in our Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann. Hopefully, reports of Government nervousness are true. While our country faces […]