Senator Rónán Mullen

Reasons for seeking a NO / NO vote on March 8th 2024

Here are my reasons for seeking a NO / NO vote. 1.  The Family referendum (39th Amendment) wants to introduce ‘durable relationships’ into the Constitution, as the basis for “Family” as the “natural primary and fundamental unit group of society”, equal with marriage. Minister Roderick O’Gorman says there will be “no differential treatment” between marital and […]

Referendums on Family and Care, March 8th 2024

Why some NGOs might not be so enthusiastic about the March referendums Minister Roderic O’Gorman is out to put manners on any NGO that dares to oppose or ignore the Government’s very ideological referendums planned for March 2024. According to the Irish Times (1st January 2024) ‘Mr O’Gorman said “any organisation that sees itself as […]